Hi Y’All!!!

Just kidding…I’m not from the South (of North America), but was actually born and raised in SOUTH-Eastern Europe!!! I moved to the states at the age of 15 and started high-school right away, followed by pursuing a college degree… 

That’s the thing about life…pursuing your goals & your dreams! It’s what makes the journey so fulfilling. There are many areas in our lives that need constant work and attention, and this can seem overwhelming. You mature along with the responsibilities you undertake & it’s easy to lose track of your personal hopes and desires. 

I created this blog because I wanted to create an outlet for sharing lifestyle ideas & hopefully inspire and help others in this way. I honestly feel that putting something in words is the first step to making it a reality. Otherwise our minds remain a wonderful mess. It’s important to share and stay true to ourselves…it’s the only way to reach our life’s pursuit! 

With that being said, I am a woman and can only live my life through the eyes of one! I’m not saying that men can’t benefit from reading my blog posts, because THEY CAN! I’m only disclosing the obvious: I am here to attract those alike. I know that time is restricted because we all have busy schedules, but even a little participation can go a long way! Blogging is a way to bring out the positive in people online, rather than attract or reinforce bullying. Negativity won’t be welcomed here. Everyone who is positive and friendly is a desired visitor & an essential part of this page! 

As time goes on and the community grows, I want to integrate an online bookclub, possibly webinars, even face-to-face meetings (and I LOOOVE event planning). There are many ways to make this page as wonderful and impactful as it can be, but it needs you! It needs readers who will collaborate to uplift & inspire each other. Often overlooked, but we all need a friend during some hard times. And what more perfect than a beautiful stranger on the web! So don’t be shy, be you! I look forward to getting to know you…


Addy F. 

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