Personal Cards: Yay or Nay?

You don’t need to own or be a part of a business to have a personal card!

This is an idea I came up with a few months ago, after graduating from college. Let’s face it: the market is tough! Getting a good job after graduation can be challenging (as I’ve experienced first hand), so naturally, I begin to think of ways to make myself more noticeable…

What exactly is a personal card? It is very much like a business card, except it carries your personal information rather than your business’. You can include things like your name, phone number, email address, a website (if you have one), a picture (optional), and a nice message (also optional). Mine says “Have a nice day” at the bottom, because I want to leave people feeling cared for after interacting with me. And let’s not forget a special design that will most speak to your personality!

Now, we all know that networking is a great way of meeting professionals who might assist with finding a career path…upon a great impression that is. It doesn’t necessarily need to be at a planned networking event; the exchange of business and personal cards can occur at an impromptu get together with friends…whose friends might be a person of interest. You never know! So it’s always better to be prepared for the right moment. And how cool would it be, [for someone who’s unemployed and seeking connections], to be able to say “Here’s my card with contact information.” I’d be pretty surprised if someone handed me one of these!

Personal cards are something you design yourself: it shows creativity & lets the person know of your serious intention toward a specific company! You can make several designs, using different pictures, to befit different situations. For example, I wanted to make my first personal card sweet & positive. My picture radiates my internal creative thinker and my outer cute self (although it looks like I’m naked, I’m not). In this case, I would most likely use this photo at a casual setting – a party or dinner with friends!

Another scenario during which these cards might come in handy: you have just met someone with the potential of becoming your friend, you give them one of your cards, they will remember you!

You’ve met someone and you don’t have enough time to exchange contact information, hand them one of your cards and they are less likely to lose it!

The possibilities are endless….

What are your thoughts of this idea? Would you make your own personal card? How would you use it?

Let me know 🙂

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