Staying Fit: What I Found Works 

With the new year come the resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. What can be done differently in the next several months in order to improve our look, health, and self-esteem before summer is here?

Do your research. This is what has tremendously helped me develop a healthy habit and stay in shape:

The body has a strange way of storing and burning fat. There are many books on the subject of losing weight and staying in fat-burning mode through proper feeding and exercising. But if you don’t have the time to explore fitness literature, it is best to start looking into designing a personalized plan based around YOU! Ask yourself what works for you: Are you the the type who needs to be at a gym to actually get it done, or can you start using some of your furniture as exercising equipment?

I personally dislike having to get ready and go to a gym, therefore, I work out at home! It’s easy when there are so many programs designed to kick your butt in the comfort of your own home (or anywhere else for that matter).

So far I’ve done P90X3 [twice], the plain P90 which is more like a prep program for the X workouts, completed the 21 Day Fix, and lately I’ve been enjoying the Body Boss program  (an exercise book, rather than video recorded workouts that features different reps and only takes about 3 of your days in a week to do 90% of it, which in my opinion is all that is needed to feel and look good). These days there are so many programs you can purchase, it can be difficult to choose! If you don’t know where to start, or which program will be best for you, you can simply subscribe to Beach Body on demand (includes all P90X workouts) and enjoy an abundance of exercise videos available on your TV.

Most of the programs don’t require a very large space or a lot of equipment (nothing you can’t find in the Sports ailes at Target). But more importantly, they are designed to work your body in a way that WILL produce results! Unlike coming up with your own gym routine and doing it over and over until your muscles get so used to it that it seizes to be effective (a mistake I made in high school). I’ve made better progress using these programs than I ever did going to the gym and I’m sure I’d be in amazing shape if I was more consistent with healthy eating!

The choices are there. All you need is a conscious decision to improve your body & mind. Find out what works for you and start enjoying a more energetic, healthy, and hotter you!!!

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