Positive Mind, Positive Life

No matter what may come your way, you must keep an open mind to overcome the obstacles!

I’m writing this at a particularly uncertain time of my life and I hope it’ll help you realize how powerful positivity can be in your life! I came up with a 3-step strategy to avoid stressing out when in difficult situations.

Step 1: Don’t freak out!

The first thing to realize when your circumstances begin to change is that things usually seem worse than they actually are. The second thought would be that nothing too good or too bad lasts forever. You will be out of the mess and back on your feet within a reasonable timeframe. And third, always keep in mind that things happen for a reason! You are always in the right place, at the right time [FOR YOU], even if it doesn’t seem that way now.

Step 2: Implement Plan B (or devise one)

It is important to be flexible! Don’t be an all or nothing person because that is what stresses people out the most. Life is so unpredictable and making precise plans can work out against you in the long run. Is it worth shortening your life span by torturing your mind and therefore body, just to have things go your way always? Or are you able to look the other way and say “Now I know that I’ve made a bad decision: these are my options…”

Step 3: Be supportive of others

Being encouraging of others in difficult situations can help you cope with your own stress. Instead of complaining constantly to whoever will listen, write something inspirational, fill your mind and time with other tasks, even joke about it! Life is way too serious considering how little time we all have on this earth.

Don’t despair, let go of your fixations, be there for others and good karma will shower you with happiness. It is never a failure if you learned something, it is never a loss if it made you a better person. Choose your emotions and attitude wisely. It all depends on you!

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