Fashion Trends For Fall 2018

Navy blue, maroon red , and mustard yellow are the colors we pair with pumpkin spiced lattes to truly live in the spirit of fall. But what are the fashion trends that make this season different from the previous?

I did some research and here are some of the trends that outline Fall Season 2018:

1. Animal Prints

Yes, animal prints. Although outdated, very 80s, and some might even say “tacky and cheap,” animal prints are making a comeback this fall season. I usually go along with “tacky and cheap,” but it’s already October and I sincerely regret not purchasing an adorable cheetah print crop-top from a brand I represent on my social media. I’d say that a little bit of animal print would be nice, such as a stylish patch on a handbag, a cute pair of heels or booties, even a jacket, sweater, a cocktail dress, or a cute skirt. Maybe don’t go all out like Cruella De Vil, but incorporating the right amount of animal prints won’t hurt and will make you trendy this time of year. Tis the season to print!

2. High-Wasted Bottoms

This one is my personal favorite for the year in general (same goes for Ariana Grande in her Vogue interview.) For me it all started earlier this year when a friend gave me her old pair of high-wasted Levi’s. As soon as I tried them on I thought: “Why haven’t I been wearing this ALWAYS?!” Just imagining the low-wasted jeans and skirts from my past, creating a punk look all the while pushing my side fat in clear view, makes me nauseated. High-wasted bottoms may also be making a comeback from the olden days, but they are incredibly stylish and comfortable. Period.

3. Latex

The sexiest trend of the season! I couldn’t count all the instagram posts I’ve seen in the last couple of months, that featured a pair of latex pants. Those are, in my opinion, for the bold and skinny to really shine through. If you are not much for going out, this material probably won’t do you any good. I would love to think that I can pull off this clothing piece, but in reality majority of my whereabouts consist of going to work and running errands. And believe me, latex would not be wholeheartedly accepted in the office. So even though I want it, buying latex this fall would be a waste of money since I will only wear it once every two years, and that is if the item still fits!

4. Checks

This year and every year, checks are mostly worn during fall. They are just so cozy and sophisticated, making the perfect print of clothing for work! I own several plaid and checks items that I enjoy wearing every year. This season in particular I am seeing more and more knee-length dresses and skirts with this print. I love this trend because checks are the best way to transform an ordinary outfit into an adorable one!

5. Bright Pink/Fuchsia

A term used to describe the color bright pink, is one I cannot pronounce in real life. But this shade of pink has been widely used among many designers in their latest fashion lines. Moschino being one of them (I actually LOVE their scratch/draft-like, drawn on prints this year.) Bright colors are normally worn in the summer months, when the sunshine enhances them and the entire aesthetic blends well. But could it be that softer sunlight and warmer nature colors also enhance his shade of pink? Would you wear it in the fall? Would I? Not unless it’s Moschino…

6. Emerald Green & Red

I adore emerald green for fashion, be it clothing or home decor, and I believe it needs to be included as a trend more often than currently. When we think of green for the fall, olive tones come to mind. But as seen previously, brighter colors are a thing this autumn. The dress pictured below has been torturing me for weeks via my insta feed, with it’s metallic shininess and overall trendy appearance:

Beautiful! Can totally be used for any of the upcoming major holidays! If I was hosting a fancy Thanksgiving party this year, guess what I’d put on…But I’m not, so I won’t. But fashion allows us to dream, right?

Even brighter reds than the normal maroon shade are making their way through many influencers’ posts. I think using Christmasy tones is a genius idea for this fall season because it makes everything more jolly and dramatic in terms of style. And that’s just wonderful.

Those are some of the fashion trends that really make an impression this fall season. But what are trends and to what degree do we succumb to them?

I think that fashion is most fun when you make your own twist on it. Sure, following trends is fun and all, being a part of a community dedicated to looking unique, but a trend is a trend. If we let it get to us, it can become quite expensive to try and keep up with all the new styles. Buying 1 to 3 things is acceptable to comply with fashionable trends each season, but altering your entire wardrobe can turn out to be very confusing once the trends change yet again. That’s why it is smarter to buy items that are popular at the moment, but that’ll also go with your existing style. In other words, only acquire things that will easily match with your current closet. Otherwise you will get lost and desperate chasing after trends.

This is what I’m personally wearing this season:

Checks! Because I have them and they’re cute! My favorite item I got this season is a checked skirt from H&M:

H&M is definitely my go-to store for fashion because their clothing is designed to flatter a petite figure, and their items incorporate cute with business-like, which is the look I’m going for!

The other check prints I own from H&M are pictured below:

The pants can be better combined with softer pink shades, black or white tops and blazers, but I wear them occasionally with this long-sleeved shirt when I’m feeling extra philosophical haha. This shirt on the other hand, only cost me $10 and I get the largest number of compliments on it!

Light pink, because it’s my favorite color and I honestly feel that it sits well during any time of the year!!! It makes me happy, and I love it!

Black and white are the two classic colors whose combination is well suited for many occasions and different seasons! That’s why they are classic 😉

The other way to combine black and white is called GRAY. One of my all time favorite colors that is very calming and professional! I’d get grayed-out any day, at home, at work, or when going out! Fall or not, gray is the way to go!!!’

I hope you found this article fun and useful! See you on your Instagram!


Addy F.

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