Fashion Trends For Winter 2018

We need to talk about this…

It is December, at last! For many of us this means that we have a lot of upcoming festivities…holiday parties at work, gift exchange dates with friends, festive outings with family, and of course Christmas and New Years Eve!!! It’s all a part of the season’s excitement

All of this, however, also indicates that we have to start thinking about our outfits this holiday season! So here are the most prevalent trends for winter fashion ’18:

1. Animal prints…still

A trend still going strong since fall, the animal print looks like it isn’t going anywhere yet! But more specifically for winter, a stylish coat featuring animal print is my personal favorite piece from this trend. Again, as long as you don’t overdo it, a little bit of animal print won’t hurt your closet this year.

2. Teddy coat

Did I hear them call it a “poopy jacket?”

This cute & comfortable women’s coat is the perfect kind of outwear this winter! Many, many brands have come up with their own design for this particular coat, and almost all of them look adorable! The perfect thing to wear while shopping for gifts or viewing Christmas lights on a cold December evening…You just can’t go wrong with a teddy coat!!! 😻

3. Metallics

So beautiful & stylish…

Adding a metallic piece of clothing to your outfit transforms simple looks into a festive impression! A lot of pictures on social media feature a nice pair of pants in a variety of metallic tones, all of them creating a holiday-inspired, insta-worthy fashion look! Incorporating this to your closet will make it easier to pick outfits when going out to dinner or grabbing drinks with friends!

4. Dark sequins

If you look at the holiday collections of multiple popular brands (Express, H&M, etc.) you can’t help but start visualizing what their black sequined dress, blouse, or skirt will look like on you during the holiday parties! It is obvious how much they emphasize on this fabulous look…it is eye-catching & expensive looking (even if it’s not). So, adding this to your wardrobe can help you create that Blair Waldorf look…even if you’re on a budget! Now that’s a beautiful thing! Something to consider 🤔

5. Cozy sweaters 🎀

The best thing about winter fashion!!!

I got this suuuper soft sweater from Charlotte Ruse & it has truly made my days BETTER!!! Wearing it is just beyond joyful! It is so freakin’ cute & comfortable, I can barely feel it on me! Finding that perfect sweater, in softer shades (as they are trending), to fit your body perfectly will ensure you feel happy, safe, & trendy this winter! It’ll keep you warm during gift wrapping and tree decorating 🎄

Aaand that’s a wrap 🎁…

Winter colors to explore this season are beige & brown, grey & black, and light pink! Sequined clothing is trending in darker shades, especially black, but that’s not to say you still can’t add the classics gold & silver….Aside from those, red & emerald green are still a holiday must, more so in a metallic variety in 2018!

Again, I hope this blog was helpful & inspiring! What else comes to mind this winter season? Please share your favorite trends in the comments below. ♥️

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