Fashion Trends For Winter 2018

We need to talk about this...It is December, at last! For many of us this means that we have a lot of upcoming parties at work, gift exchange dates with friends, festive outings with family, and of course Christmas and New Years Eve!!! It's all a part of the season's excitement ✨ All of … Continue reading Fashion Trends For Winter 2018

How To Tackle Life-Changing Decision Making

Decision making is the essential part of being your own person. If you are unable to decide on a matter, someone else will do so for you. Nobody wants that. So here is a brief piece of advice on how to make decisions effectively all the while preventing excessive stress. • Collect opinions The more … Continue reading How To Tackle Life-Changing Decision Making

Fashion Trends For Fall 2018

Navy blue, maroon red , and mustard yellow are the colors we pair with pumpkin spiced lattes to truly live in the spirit of fall. But what are the fashion trends that make this season different from the previous? I did some research and here are some of the trends that outline Fall Season 2018: … Continue reading Fashion Trends For Fall 2018

Coping With Negative Feelings

Sadness, loneliness, negative self-talk, depression, anxiety... A lot of us have experienced it at some point. Today I completely a 5k run to raise awareness on anxiety and depression, two mental disorders that I've experienced first hand myself at times, and deal with in my family on a regular basis. This sparked the idea of … Continue reading Coping With Negative Feelings

Positive Mind, Positive Life

No matter what may come your way, you must keep an open mind to overcome the obstacles!I'm writing this at a particularly uncertain time of my life and I hope it'll help you realize how powerful positivity can be in your life! I came up with a 3-step strategy to avoid stressing out when in … Continue reading Positive Mind, Positive Life

Habit Making: How Change Works

January can be an overwhelming month! New goals at work and personal resolutions motivate us to act above & beyond our usual daily tasks. All the hard work and striving to be our best selves end up stressing us out. It is likely that many people feel quite spent now that the first month of … Continue reading Habit Making: How Change Works

Staying Fit: What I Found Works 

As the new year approaches, so do the resolutions for a healthier lifestyle & a smokin' hot body! But what can we do in the next several months in order to feel and look better for the upcoming beach days? Do your research. The body has a strange way of storing and burning fat. There … Continue reading Staying Fit: What I Found Works