How To Tackle Life-Changing Decision Making

Decision making is an essential part of being your own person. If you are unable to decide on a matter, someone else will do it for you. Nobody wants that. So here is a brief piece of advice on how to make decisions effectively all the while preventing excessive stress. • Collect opinions The more … Continue reading How To Tackle Life-Changing Decision Making

Positive Mind, Positive Life

No matter what may come your way, you must keep an open mind to overcome the obstacles!I'm writing this at a particularly uncertain time of my life and I hope it'll help you realize how powerful positivity can be in your life! I came up with a 3-step strategy to avoid stressing out when in … Continue reading Positive Mind, Positive Life

Habit Making: How Change Works

January can be an overwhelming month! New goals at work and personal resolutions motivate us to act above & beyond our usual daily tasks. All the hard work and striving to be our best selves cause stress and eventually lead to giving up on our goals. How do we cope with the stress and exhaustion? … Continue reading Habit Making: How Change Works

What Happens After College: From The Lecture Hall To The Office 

If you are about to embark on the journey of graduating from a four year academic program and finding a job thereafter, you are probably wondering what will come next and how you will get there. First off, you know that torturous feeling of fear? Fear that something might not go by plan, more specifically … Continue reading What Happens After College: From The Lecture Hall To The Office